Diploma in Mobile Phone Repairing

Nearly a decade ago, computer hardware and networking was not considered as a very lucrative career option in India but currently, IT, computer hardware and networking courses are gaining much popularity among the students in India. The wide use of computers, laptops, mobiles, desktops and internet in private and government organizations have created huge demand for hardware and networking professionals.


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Course Details

  • Level 1
  • Introduction to Mobile Phone.
  • Basic Electronics :-
    • Current & Voltage
    • Resistor, Transistor, Diode & Capacitor
    • Inductor / Coil & Transformer
    • Integrated Circuit, Speaker/Ringer, Microphone &, Vibrate Motor
    • Display & Drivers
    • Power Switch, Fuse & Using Multitmeter
    • Real Time Clock and Quartz Crystal
  • Construction of Battery Booster, Charger and its uses.
  • Assembling and Disassembly of Mobile Phone.
  • Level 2
  • Basic and Special Components of Mobile Phone.
  • Checking the Basic Component of Mobile Phone and its Faults.
  • Technique of Soldering and using SMD Rework Station.
  • Water Damage and Washing of Mobile Phone with CTC.
  • Level 3
  • Introduction to SMD Components.
  • Testing of SMD components.
  • BGA IC Reballing and Installing.
  • Installing and Removing Connector, Display flex, Folding and Sliding Handset Flex Cable.
  • Circuit Tracing of Different Section of Mobile Phone.
    • Charging Section
    • Network Section
    • Keypad Section
    • Display Section
    • Speaker and Ringer Section
    • Blue Tooth Section
    • Infra red Section
    • Light Section
    • Mic Section
  • Different Models and Series of Nokia Mobile and their differences.
  • Different ICs and its Uses.
  • Checking Shorting and Technique to Remove.
  • Hot and Cold Testing.
  • Voltage Tracing and different volts used in Mobile Phone.
  • Jumpers and its Technique.
  • Dead set Repairing.
  • Fault Findings
  • Basic Parts of Computer and their uses.
  • Making Ringtone, Sing tone, Editing Video Clip.
  • Downloading through Blue tooth, Data cable, and Card reader.
  • How Mobile Phone Work.
  • Flashing and its Related Faults.
  • Different Types of Flasher Box.
  • Flashing and Formatting through UFS HWK Flasher Box, SPIDERMAN BOX.
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